Our Company’s Main Goal;

In our business, Respecting the Environment, Taking Occupational Health-Safety Measures, Making Production with Advanced Technologies, Stable Work in Line with the Needs and Expectations of Stakeholders and Continuous Improvement Philosophy is to be the Wanted Name of the Sector.

To achieve this goal;

Continuous and determined support / participation of business management,
Keeping staff active through continuous training,
Effective and efficient use of existing resources with our trained and experienced staff
Authorization for quality control at all points,
Effective control of processes,
Monitoring technological developments and incorporating them into our production methods as a means of quality improvement,
To ensure satisfaction by analyzing the needs and expectations of stakeholders and meeting them in a timely manner
Taking measures to prevent errors from occurring again through continuous improvement measures,
Development of our suppliers,
To continuously improve our services and increase their effectiveness within the framework of all applicable conditions and current legal legislation,
Keeping the “Continuous Improvement” philosophy always dynamic,

will be possible with.

As SMI GROUP employees, we are committed to continuously develop and improve our business in the light of the above-mentioned principles and to fulfill customer demands.