Panel holder / Clamp for solar mounting system
As PV module mounting bracket for solar installations, they are universal and standard mounting system clamp, they are used to mount solar panels on solar rails. There are production types according to the module size. It is manufactured from high quality aluminium to provide enough strength to fix the panel. The standard panel clamp facilitates the installation of solar panels. Thanks to its smart design, it can slide on the rails and saves you the trouble of changing places during installation.
 The clamp is a component used to secure and ground the module to the bracket and is an integral part of the bracket system. The solar module clamp is of international standards and high quality that can be used for all products.

  • Material: Aluminium 6063-T6
  • Panel Compatibility: Varieties Suitable for All Panel Sizes
  • Place of Use: Solar Panel Frames
  • Length (L): Standard 60 mm and can be produced in requested sizes.
  • Bolt Compatibility: M8 Bolt