By covering open car parks with solar panels, we can reduce a part of our energy deficit.

Car parking systems of various sizes, the design and production of which are made in our company’s facilities, both prevent vehicles from being affected by weather events and generate electricity and provide income to the investor.

Our company offers a wide range of products from detached housing solutions to solutions that can be applied to shopping centres and shopping mall open car parks.

Our prototype production developed for commercial areas is ready to start electricity production in the garden of your factory. With the technology we offer, you can track the daily production of each solar panel and at the same time, you can ensure that your customers park their vehicles more comfortably.

Our car parking solution, which provides shade for vehicles in summer, also protects vehicles and drivers from precipitation in spring and winter.

With our billboard modules added to commercial car parking systems, you can also provide visuals to your customers who park their vehicles. The extra income that will be generated by renting these boards will also accelerate the return on your investment.

  • Material: Galvanised Steel + Aluminium
  • Application Anchored on Concrete
  • Panel Compatibility: Produced according to all panel sizes.
  • It consists of components such as Column, Beam, Purlin, Cross, Strut, Rafter.
  • Production is made in accordance with the static project or panel layout sent by you.
  • It is packaged and shipped disassembled.
  • It is easy to install and bolted joint.
  • Special design with the possibility of future additions.