Agricultural irrigation ges systems

The system used by operating pumps and motors with the energy produced by solar panels is called solar irrigation systems. Solar irrigation systems, also called agricultural irrigation systems, offer an alternative method to producers against generators or financially challenging electricity bills in areas where there is no electrical energy. These solar irrigation systems, which have much less cost compared to high electricity bills, do not have a monthly cost expense other than the cost when it is first installed.

Agricultural irrigation system can be established with many irrigation types such as drip irrigation, surface irrigation, sprinkler and micro irrigation. Thanks to the agricultural irrigation used with calculations such as the area size of the field to be irrigated, the amount of water produced, it is ensured that both the water available is used effectively and the maximum yield is obtained from the irrigated field. As a result of these calculations, the average economic life of solar panels, solar cables and solar powered agricultural irrigation systems operating on these systems is around 25 years.

Considering the geographical conditions of Turkey, the maximum irrigation periods of agricultural areas are between April and September. In these months, you can use solar irrigation systems every day, including cloudy weather. In addition, when solar irrigation systems are evaluated on a daily basis, they can work close to 9 hours without interruption. Low pressure or high pressure irrigation is applied according to the area to be used. In agricultural irrigation processes where low pressure is used, surface irrigation technique is generally used, while sprinkling, drip and micro methods are used in areas where high pressure is used. The system life of these products, which are very simple to use, is quite long, such as 30 years panel life. They are not dependent on any network, electricity or fuel prices and maintenance costs are low. In addition, the investment return period of solar agricultural irrigation systems is also very short.

Our ready-made constructions that you can use in your field expansion, agricultural irrigation projects. We prepare the construction in the arrangement you want with anchorage options on gravel or concrete.

  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Application Anchored Systems with Gravel and Concrete Anchors
  • Panel Compatibility: Produced according to all panel sizes.
  • Arrangement 2 vertical
    • Column: t= 2-2,5-3 mm – S350 Quality
    • Beam: t= 2 mm – S350 Quality
    • Purlin: t= 1.5 mm – S350 Quality
    • Cross: t= 1.5-2 mm – S350 Quality
    • Anchor Plate: t= 5-6 mm – S250 Quality
  • Aluminium clamp and all connection bolts included.
  • It is prepared according to the panel data sheet and sequence sent by you.
  • “Mouse Clemp” compatible systems for easy assembly.
  • Special design with “Mini Kralle” suitable for clamping from anywhere by using non-perforated purlin due to variations in panel dimensions.