Roof Ges Systems

Every subscriber receiving electricity service can generate their own electricity by installing a rooftop solar energy system. Roof electricity systems are becoming increasingly widespread in our country. Electricity can be generated with ROOF SPP in residences, industrial zones, logistics warehouse areas, agricultural facilities, livestock facilities, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Solar energy, which is the most economical energy in terms of both installation and use, is clean and has no harm to the environment. Before installing the rooftop ges system, issues such as the slope of the roof, its direction, shading, the carrier systems of the building and how much weight the roof can bear should be examined. As a result of these examinations, the project is prepared and manufacturing and assembly is done.

SMI GRUP, which designs and installs on 24 roofs, especially hotel, business center, warehouse and factory roofs, adds new ones to its references every day and contributes to a clean environment by minimizing electricity consumption.